C2C/C2W Bonding

C2C/C2W Bonding


  • 3DIC, power module packaging, flip welding, etc
  • Chip to Wafer hybrid bonding (Cu/PI, Cu/SiO2 hybrid bonding)
  • Fine-Pitch bump bonding, solder/copper bump bonding
  • Development and mass production of MEMS, optoelectronics and hybrid bonding

Technical advantage

  • High precision alignment: ≤±2µm(optional: ≤±1µm, ≤±0.5µm)
  • The core module is autonomous and controllable
  • Can be customized according to customer needs
  • A full range of low temperature bonding solutions are available
  • A variety of material activation methods: formic acid activation, plasma activation, low stress low temperature bonding

C2C Bonding

MAFB series C2C

  • ItemParameter
    Pressure range/controlled pressure stability0~2000N/3000N:±2N
    Alignment accuracy±50nm
    Post-bonding accuracy≤±2µm;≤±1µm;≤±500nm
    Pressure head temperature control range/pressure head temperature control stabilityRT~300℃/±1℃
    Indenter heating rate(RT-250℃)5min
    Sample sizeTop:1*1~50*50mm; Below:2*2~300*300mm
    Cooling MethodAir
    Atmosphere in Bonding chamberVacuum、Formic acid、Inert atmosphere, etc

SAFP series small lot C2W

  • ItemParameter
    Pressure range/controlled pressure stability1~50N:±0.5N
    Alignment accuracy±50nm
    Post-bonding accuracy≤±2µm;≤±1µm;≤±500nm
    Activation MethodFormic acid catalytic activation, etc
    Ion activation module (optional)

FDWB series Full auto C2W

  • ItemParameter
    Range of pressure0~300N
    Post-bonding accuracy±200nm/500nm@3σ
    Alignment accuracy±50nm
    Chip size1*1—32*32mm
    Wafer sizeφ300mm
    TF Station2
    FOUP Station2
    Capacity of ApplicationCu-SiO2 hybrid bonding;SiO2-SiO2Low temperature bonding
    Equipment unitsActivation, cleaning, lifting, alignment, bonding, inspection