OLED encapsulation

Vacuum Assembly System

  • Assembly with Vacuum diferences.
  • High Vacuum,High Accuracy Alignment


Applicable substrate size 200x200mm~730x920mm
Vacuum: applicable to ~1Pa
Positioning accuracy +/-1μm
Substrate fixation Electrostatic chuck, Adhesive chuck
Main uses OLED, CMOS sensor, Touch panel, Solar cell, MEMS

OLED Encapsulation - Total Integration of Production Line

Since 1998,WE supply many kinds fo the tools for OLED
Encapsulation process.
We integrate with other suppliers and promise the total


Applicable substrate size 200x200mm~730x920mm
Dispenser Dam, Dam & Fill
Oven ~250℃
Cleaning Ultrasonic Clean, ATM Plasma Clean
Glove Box N2 gas circulation, O2/H2O below 1ppm