OLED encapsulation device

Vacuum Assembly System

  • Assembly with Vacuum diferences.
  • High Vacuum,High Accuracy Alignment


Applicable substrate size 200x200mm~730x920mm
Vacuum: applicable to ~1Pa
Positioning accuracy +/-1μm
Substrate fixation Electrostatic chuck, Adhesive chuck
Main uses OLED, CMOS sensor, Touch panel, Solar cell, MEMS

OLED Encapsulation - Total Integration of Production Line

Since 1998,WE supply many kinds fo the tools for OLED
Encapsulation process.
We integrate with other suppliers and promise the total


Applicable substrate size 200x200mm~730x920mm
Dispenser Dam, Dam & Fill
Oven ~250℃
Cleaning Ultrasonic Clean, ATM Plasma Clean
Glove Box N2 gas circulation, O2/H2O below 1ppm

Encapsulation "Flexible OLED"

This is our original and unipue and unipue Encapsulation
We focus on the Encapsulation of EDGE.This is
optimizede for OLED panel.

How to prevent the Moisture penetration from the edge?

TFE or Barrier Film are not perfect for the Edge sealing.So we foucus on the encapsulation of EDGE.

Room temperature bonding/encapsulation

There has been developed a preventive method against moisture-intrusion from edge faces: on the device-glass side, placing "Pixel Divided Layer (PDL)" at outer periphery of Cell, and covering the PDL by a SiN film to prevent moisture-intrusion, and then forming a Si film as the bonding layer on the SiN film; while on the barrier film side, forming a Si film as the bonding film.

  • Basic structure
  • Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of "bonding Si film"
  • WVTR of "sealing SiN film"

proposal : the room-temperature bonding encapsulation + thin film encapsulation

This anime-tion is what represents an example of the combination of room temperature bonding
encapsulation and a thin-film encapsulation technology that has been developed up to now.

Narrow bezel below 500µ can be realized.