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UV Cure

Recently, UV curing technology has been recognized as a general technology, and its applications are expanding more and more.
Not only is it limited to rapid curing of adhesives, paints, marking inks, photoresists, etc., but also attempts are being made to select various wavelengths emitted from high-pressure UV light with special filters and use them in new applications.

UV Light Curing Equipment

Excimer light sources (single wavelength lamps)

Excimer lamps of various wavelengths can be produced.
We believe that these lamps are mainly useful for research and development.
It is possible to easily conduct experiments to see what kind of reactions occur when materials are irradiated with these wavelengths.


Wavelength table

  • 172nm
  • 206nm
  • 222nm
  • 253nm
  • 283nm
  • 308nm

UV Cleaning

It is well-known that short-wavelength ultraviolet ray removes microscopic dirt from material surface and treats the surface.We supply various ultraviolet cleaning equipments including the vacuum equipments such as the ultraviolet treatment equipments


Polarized UV Exposure Tool

One-shot exposure is possible to use
Brewster's angle UV exposure.


Basic specifications

Wave Length 313nm
Parallelism +/-1.5°[2.0kW]
Extinction Ratio 100:1[center]
Intensity Unifomity +/-3%
Intensity 8 mW/cm2[200×200mm]
6 mW/cm2[400×400mm]