Low Temperature Sintering

Low Temperature Sintering Equipment


  • Suitable for multi-scenario copper/silver sintering process
  • It can be used for laboratory low-temperature copper diffusion connection research and industrial SiC power electronics module packaging
  • Fine-Pitch bump bonding, solder/copper bump bonding
  • Development and mass production of MEMS, optoelectronics and hybrid bonding

Technical advantage

  • Relying on years of technical achievements from top laboratories at home and abroad
  • Direct diffusion connection or low temperature solder paste sintering is possible
  • Can be combined with nano-paste to provide a complete set of solution
  • Safe, reliable and environmentally friendly
  • Vacuum or a variety of controlled atmosphere oxidation protection

FATB series

  • ItemParameter
    Range of pressure0~2000N/3000N/8000N (option)
    Stability of pressure±10N
    Z axis stroke90mm/120mm
    Temperature control range of pressure headRT~300℃
    Pressure head temperature control stability±1℃
    Indenter heating rate (RT-250℃)5min
    Upper sample size0.5*0.5mm
    Lower sample size50*50mm
    The catalytic box controls the temperature range and stabilityRT~250℃/±2℃
    Catalytic box heating rate(RT-180℃)5min
    Cooling MethodAir

ASTB series Full auto

  • ItemParameter
    Maximum sintering pressure30MPa
    Controlled pressure stability±0.5MP
    Minimum spacing between chips0.4mm
    Maximum effective sintering area350mm*270mm
    Maximum sintering temperature300℃
    Uniformity of temperature±3℃
    Sintering temperature control stability±1℃
    Maximum clamping force1000kN
    Maximum flow rate of activation gas50L/min
    Preheating temperatureRT~150℃
    Preheating temperature stability±1℃
    Cooling TemperatureLess than50℃
    Oxygen contentLess than50ppm
    Activation methodCatalytic activation by formic acid