Surface Processing and Measuring Equipment(Surface polishing/cleaning/inspection/alignment)

Surface polishing equipment

  • Super-hard material polishing, metal polishing
  • Polishing of curved and complex surfaces
  • High precision optical lens polishing
  • Local optimization of optical crystal polishing materials
  • Diamond surface trimming
  • Atomic precision machining of materials
  • Ultra-smooth polishing

Surface Processing Equipment


  • ItemParameter
    Wafer size≤8inch
    Load modelCassette
    Wafer alignmentAligner
    Removal efficiency800Å*cm2/s @Si
    Supporting process gasAr/SF6/O2/He or other gas mixtures
    Beam intensity>100µA@Ar
    Beam sizeFWHM<5mm
    Cluster ion energy20/60keV


  • ItemParameter
    Wafer size≤8inch
    Load modelManual/custom tool
    Removal efficiency70Å*cm2/s @SiO2
    Supporting process gasAr/SF6/O2/He Or some other mixture of gases
    Beam intensity>100µA @Ar
    Beam sizeFWHM<10mm
    Cluster ion energy20/60keV

Surface Cleaning equipment


  • ItemParameter
    Wafer size150mm/200mm
    Wafer thickness0.35-1.4mm
    ApplicableSi, Si02,LT, LN,Sapphire,SiC,etc
    Clean partDouble side
    Transmission systemFull auto
    Clean method1)Ultrapure water
    2) Ammonia liquor
    3) Amino acid Clean method
    4) atomizing
    5) PVA
    6) Ozone water
    Load methodCassette full auto
    Particle AFTClean≤10EA(@≥0.3µm)
    surface metal AFT Clean≤5e10 atoms/cm2

Measuring equipment


  • ItemParameter
    Alignment accuracy±0.2µm
    Wafer size4inch~12inch
    Load modelManual
    Pressure range1-300N
    Pressure accuracy≤±0.3% F.S.
    Optical schemeVisible/infrared


  • ItemParameter
    Wafer size≤12inch
    Detection accuracy150µm @12inch
    Infrared wavelength0.75~5µm
    Load modelManual
    Equipment layout450mm*450mm*1100mm
    Equipment weight35kg